What is your heart telling you?

From the time that you are a small child, there is always someone telling you that you can't do something.  "You can't go outside today." " You can't watch that."  " You can't do that; it's too difficult."  You can actually hear something so much that it will become a part of you.  This is what happened to me.  I was told that I couldn't do things so much that I literally thought that I could do nothing right. 

I can remember being in the second grade and my grandmother telling me that I could do anything that I wanted to do.  That was short lived, as she died early in my childhood, which silenced her voice.  In the fourth grade, I had two teachers that would spend extra time with me, as they must have sensed my low self-esteem.  They would always try and encourage me. The truth was I didn't believe them.  I was told that, "I can't", so apparently, I couldn't.

I moved away after the fifth grade and at that time I began listening to the unqualified voices, again.  Those voices haunted me long into my adulthood. I robbed myself of joy and success, because I was told that I couldn't do things.  One day, I decided that I would take a leap of faith and move to another state.  I was told that I would never make it away from my family.  Guess what?  I made it!  Once that I realized that I could do certain things, I reflected on my grandmother and my fourth grade teacher's voices, that had once been silenced.  I told myself that I would focus on those voices and silence the unqualified voices. 

 I decided to listen to my inner self and my entire life changed for the better.  I became a better person, wife and mother.  I began to focus more on my career.  I went back to school and finished my nursing degree, started and ran a successful business, all while maintaining my household.  I am now a mentor, author, motivational speaker, as well as a business consultant.
I say to you, "Listen to your heart" and never allow anyone to tell you that you "Can't." 

Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  Dream and Dream BIG!!!!!  What you "can't" do, God "can."

- Tammy Lewis