What does success mean to you?

I have spoken with many people and asked this question many times.  It's funny because, I've heard so many people define success as, making a lot of money or being rich.  By definition, success means, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose."  So naturally, it would mean something different to everyone.  What does success mean to me?  Well today, I went out to complete an assessment for an insurance company.  When I arrived, the elderly lady was just returning from her chemo treatment.  It was her first one.  She was very tired and a little unsteady on her feet.  Her daughter had to leave and go out of town, which was going to leave her home alone for several hours, until her son-in-law returned.  She lived about 45 minutes away from my house, but I went home and searched the garage, until I found a bedside commode that I had been storing.  I cleaned it up and took it back to her home.  I didn't want to take the chance of her falling and sustaining an unnecessary injury, while her family was away.  I put the bedside commode next to her recliner.  I asked her if she'd eaten anything and she had, but I offered to make something for later.  Prior to leaving, I asked if her colostomy bag had been emptied today.  Well, it hadn't.  I assisted her with that and made sure that she returned to her recliner safely, before I left.  She was very grateful and couldn't thank me enough times.  I felt a sense of gratefulness, as well.  Why?  Because God has given me a gift and this is how I chosen to use it.


So again, what does success mean to me?  Success is when I am able to help other people reach their accomplishments or purposes, in which they aim.