Discipline and Balance

Being in business for yourself requires discipline and balance.   So many times I've seen business owners start off strong and then run out of steam.  This is sometimes because there is no discipline and/or balance in their lives.  Entrepreneurs are sometimes so excited about their business ventures that they feel they have the strength of ten men, initially.  This can be short lived once fatigue sets in.  Here are a few reasons for disruption of discipline and balance:

1.  You bite off more than you can chew:  Taking on multiple tasks and trying to do everything yourself to either save money, due to lack of capital will cause immediate burnout.

2.  Not making a schedule for yourself or not sticking to the schedule you have made:  Schedules should be made in advance without deviation.  The reason for the schedule is so you can track your time and stay on course.

3.  Taking on extra duties for others:  "No" is NOT a bad word.  You can not spread yourself too thin.  Others will utilize your time and not be respectful of it, if you are not clear in the beginning.

4.  Not taking time out for yourself:  If you do not take time for yourself and your family, you will become resentful.  This is time that should be previously set aside for you.  You should also treat yourself to something nice every now and then, so you don't feel like you are working just to pay bills.

Business owners that follow these tips are much happier and more successful than business owners who work on a consistent burnout.