"Put It In Writing"

"Put it in writing" are words that I have learned to live by.  I am a Registered Nurse by trade and the first thing they teach you in Nursing 101 is to document everything that you do.  If you didn't chart it; you didn't do it, is what I was taught.  This is something that every business owner or potential business owner should remember.  Why should you put things in writing?

  • When it's in writing, it becomes binding- When you enter into a contract, this is something that will hold up in a court of law, whereas a verbal contract can be disputed.
  • For clarity- When things are put in writing, it makes everything clearer, so there is no misunderstanding.  It also gives you a chance to voice your concerns.
  • You can see it- When things are in writing, you have a visual.  You can look at it, read it and decide if any changes or corrections need to be made at that moment.
  • For Protection- Putting things in writing is a form of protection for you and all parties involved.  That is why companies have contracts in place.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when going into business for myself was bringing on a business partner without a binding contract.  This later came back to bite me where it hurt the most.  That was both a hurting and costly experience.  So remember, no matter if it's a friend, family member or stranger, for everything you do, "Put It In Writing."