Overcoming Your Fears

Everyone is afraid of something; whether it snakes, spiders, writing or public speaking. The best way to conquer your fears is to face them head on.

When I was growing up, I was very shy and timid. I didn't like strangers, it was hard to make friends and I didn't like for people to see me eat. I would take my plate into the bedroom.  So, can you imagine having a business with those same qualities? That's exactly how I was. I was so afraid of talking to professionals. I was afraid that I would say the wrong things or not be able to blend in with the conversations, because I wasn't  smart enough.  These are all real problems that people deal with everyday. The one thing that I figured out about myself was that because I was not willing to face my fears head on, I was about to talk myself out of my future. Sometimes we can be our own worst critics. We don't see what other people see in us.

I found a way to get over my fear of large crowds of people at networking events by arriving early. If I was going to be the first one there, then it was like everyone was coming to meet me, instead of me going to meet them. This little trick actually worked and before you knew it, I knew everyone. Since the the industry that I was in was rather small, everyone kind of ran in the same circle. Most of the time it was the same people and if not, someone was there to introduce you. 

After I tamed that lion, I started to visit facilities and introduce myself. I seemed to always find myself in crowds at that point. Before I knew it, I was speaking to small groups. The groups became larger and larger and I am currently planning my first conference.  Can you image that? Me, speaking to hundreds? 

So, I say to you that whatever fear that you are exhibiting that is keeping you from your destiny, it time to face it HEAD ON!